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Episode 1: The Underground Church
- It’s the End of America: CSI Meets REVELATION
Jon Rhodes is a federal officer assigned to persecute Christians in underground churches – forcing them to take the Mark of the Beast – the chip. Then one night he has an encounter with God. Jon turns rogue, against the New World Order, and becomes a spiritual warrior in a battle to not only rescue the true believers but to witness to the deceived.
Each episode is a cliff-hanger action thriller dealing with end times events – many of which are already happening in actuality today.
This is not time to “Make America Great Again.” It’s time to “Make America Godly Again!”
The Antichrist wants all Christians DEAD! Have the demons of hell have met their match with Last Evangelist?

Episode 2: The Insertion
Jon has turned rogue, against the New World Order, and becomes a spiritual warrior in a battle to not only rescue true believers, but to convert the lost. The Government passes a law that everyone must take the insertion or they won’t be able to buy anything, including food. Jon discovers Bookman has taken the insertion! He must now find out who is in charge of the insertion and how to dismantle that system before the girl he loves becomes more infiltrated and contaminated with New World thinking.

Episode 3: The New Babylon
Schools have rewritten the Bible to promote their one world agenda whereby brainwashing children. With Bookman’s assistance, Jon sets out to unveil the government’s operation. They are betrayed, however, by a family member; arrested and taken into custody.

Episode 4: Four Angels
Jon is rescued by a gang of four young soldiers: Sully, who is beautiful but tough and her renegade warriors. They risk their lives to bring Jon to the safety of the true believers’ headquarters. Instead of taking refuge, though, Jon chooses to leave to attempt to rescue Bookman. As Jon departs, he inherits an unlikely sidekick, ambitious adventurous Sully, innocent in thinking but undaunted in drive.

Episode 5: Violent Faith
When Jon and Sully go undercover as federal agents, they discover the one world government has now outlawed cash; only those with the insertion can make purchases. While trying to hide the fact they don’t have the insertion, they befriend a 7-year old child with autism. As her mother dies in Jon’s arms, Jon and Sully are forced to make some serious decisions.

Episode 6: The Termination

Bookman is in federal prison only minutes away from being terminated by deep state for treason. As she is executed, something supernatural happens. She sees Jon coming to her! Is it real? Can it really be him?